Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Let me see...

One exposure for the inside. Another for the sign. One each for the video screens. One for each window. Another for the street.

Oh...and repeated in three segments for stitching into the panorama format. That's because the blackouts I set up to cover the shopfront lights on the other side of the street could only cover one window at a time.

All between 3am and 5am on George St, Sydney ( before the light rail construction began). Such is the glamorous life of a corporate photographer.

From the archive for Luxottica

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Photographer in Residence - Client Feedback

from the Maitland Photographer in Residence Collection © Paul Foley/Lightmoods

I want to share the feedback I received on the Maitland Council PiR that was conducted during last year. Find out more about how this unique approach to story telling and engagement works for regional tourism and localities. Click here to download details.

In the client's words:
-         The use of Instagram and being able to integrate this in the PiR boosted the My Maitland Instagram account, as well as established the hashtag #mymaitland for future campaigns.
-         The photowalk that was included in the PiR had a great turn out, with a range of local photographers with a variety of photography abilities joining in for the day. The feedback from those who participated was great and as such we have since been able to connect with these photographers to use their images from the day.
-         A greater audience was reached as a result of Paul sharing the PiR images across his Instagram account @Lightmoods, promoting Maitland to his 9.5K+ followers
-         Having an extended and flexible time frame for the PiR visits, allowed Paul to capture the essence of Maitland, including through various seasons and emphases on different themes.
-         Using the PiR images for the gallery on the Library wall had an amazing impact for this first installation.
-         The first instalment of PiR was focusing on the people of Maitland and their stories, while the second instalment focused on the places of Maitland. The final instalment was a mixture of both and allowed Paul to use his knowledge of the area and freedom of his time to capture those everyday beauties which we normally take for granted.
-         We ended up with a large suite of images (approximately 440) which we are now able to use for promotional purposes for Maitland’s Visitor Economy brand. 
Website: www.lightmoods.com.au
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lightmoods/